Dan Herman emceeing showcase at 2013 Cape May Songwriters Festival

I have agreed to MC one whole showcase at the 2013 Cape May Singer Songwriter Festival. The March 23 showcase, part of a 2-night stand produced by Kat@tunes2ya, will be held at Aleathea’s Restaurant inside The Inn At Cape May, at the south end of the Jersey Shore.

The festival, now in it’s sixth year, will bring together 150 songwriters and some bands, with a decided accent on NJ-based artists. Inside Congress Hall, there are workshops and mentoring sessions scheduled, along with keynote speeches from renowned songwriters Tracy Grammer and Ellis Paul.  All of the performances will take place in 17 different establishments across this landmarked Jersey town.

It’s been several years since I’ve done any onstage MC work, but I’m already looking forward to the experience. You can expect me to spin the music of Kat@tunes2ya artists from both 3/22 and 3/23 on Radio Crystal Blue in the week of and prior to the festival.

Review of both festival days will be posted here and elsewhere!


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