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NEXT SHOW: week of January 22, 2012. Look for a release date of January 25.
You will hear music in several segments of top indie/DIY/underground songwriters and bands, and also these:
VERMONT: VT Artists for VT Relief:
New Arrivals Volume 4: Artists Against Youth Homelessness
I will spin 2 tracks each from these compilations.

Getting into stride with the radio thing again as well as the new home on WordPress. No I have not posted daily but I’ll do my best. As mentioned last week, please tweet, RT, post about my posts. If you have a WordPress site I should follow, let me know. I will follow back.
Enlisted some help in getting a new banner/logo for the big show. No timetable yet on its release.
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I witnessed the greatness that is The Trews for the first time, plus some local bands in support.
Read all about it in one of my latest blog posts at
Here are more events I’m covering for you:
1/26  Dare Dukes is releasing a new disc and is performing at Kung Fu Necktie
1/27 Lorraine Leckie at Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore.

YOUTUBE: The Trews perform “So She’s Leaving” at North Star Bar 1/17/12:

COVERAGE (see above):
I do audio interviews, photos, video, and audio of live events.  You can see and hear evidence across my Facebook and YouTube channels, plus the field recording FeedPlayer.Time, location and expense will be taken into account before taking on a job.
First on RCB Novus Ordo: First airplay of 2012 goes to Christine Havrilla. More specifically the airplay credited to Christine’s folk-rock band Gypsy Fuzz.  Damn Fine Gentlemen represent Australia with some blues-rock. May McDonough & Co. dazzle with fairly unique arrangements, right down to the percussion (not unlike a Tom Waits song). John McCutcheon closes this show with a song from his concept album reflecting on Woody Guthrie.

Starting 2012 a few weeks late, I wanted at least to represent January and winter in song if not New Year’s Day so much.  Brenda Kahn represented with a song going back to 1996, not from her album “Destination Anywhere” but rather a CMJ compilation, one of several dozen I’ve kept over the years.   Lily Wilson and HuDost share a billing at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles on 1/20. “Trespasser” by HuDost continues to mesmerize (as intended, I’m sure!). Also in segment #1, we hear The Kennedys once again, who are maybe the best artists I know without a Twitter account. They are preparing to release a new CD. So is Kris Delmhorst, who is heard in this segment too.  Ryan Tennis, my neighbor here in South Philadelphia, continues to host his Clubhouse house concert series and has unveiled a new website, with the intention of releasing a new album. Went back to Greg Klyma’s 2006 CD “Driver” instead of more recent releases. Schwervon! also working on a new album.  I spun Demetra’s “Don’t Wreck It” which became a sensation upon its release. She’s just releasing another new single of the same electro-rock genre titled “Quarter To Twelve” which, hopefully,will make it to my show.  Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt continue to split bills for the long-term.  Hungrytown presents a song for winter, the title track “Any Forgotten Thing”.  Hopefully they’re doing OK up there in VT.     Vance Gilbert, the now-reigning RCB Artist of The Year, is heard before two Katonah, NY citizens; they being Sloan Wainwright and Marc Black.  Marc’s tune “No Fracking Way” is a definitive protest song. Brooks Williams has just released a CD with Boo Hewerdine. The duo call themselves State Of The Union.  Stevie Coyle rounds out the show with a song from his concept CD “Ten In One”, referring to a sideshow tent at a carnival or circus.

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