Radio Crystal Blue news 1/15/12

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Feed Player at my home page of  It is active as a popup window. Within the page you can stream/share/download the audio. You can put the player up on your site or blg too.
If you cannot access the Feed Player or do not have Shockwave/Flash in your browser, try a different browser or go to This page contains a bona fide workable version of the Feed Player.

Yes, I’m on iTunes and all those places as well.
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NEXT SHOW: week of January 15, 2012. Look for a release date of January 18.   You will hear music in several segments of top indie/DIY/underground songwriters and bands, and also these:
VERMONT: VT Artists for VT Relief:
New Arrivals Volume 4: Artists Against Youth Homelessness
I will spin 2 tracks each from these compilations.
It is GOOD to be back with the radio and website presence.
I have built a site on WordPress. The pages and sidebar need some fleshing out but essentially all the info you need about me and the show are in one place
www.radiocrystalblue.netThe Google site was fleeced this week as well. I’ve left a statement encouraging you to change bookmarks.

I’m getting disciplined to post every 1-2 days on the site. Thus far I’ve made an intro post, and reposted some audio from 2011.  All the older content from my RSS feeds are missing because of media limitations
You will also see posts about the shows I attend as I share audio and photos of the experiences. I don’t have video on the site but that’s what my YouTube channel’s for!

I truly hope you like the experience. Please tweet, RT, post about my posts. If you have a WordPress site I should follow, let me know. I will follow back.

MOOZONE: A place to store music online, plus build an online store for music and merch.  Artists: Please contact me on how to sell your music and merch on this site*************************************************

TWITTER FIVE TO FOLLOW:  @WFMU (YES, they are following ME. I have arrived!) @ASundialRadio @MikeVeny  @Rob_Lytle_Music @QueSarahCalvert
If you haven’t followed me yet, you’re missing out on a few things: My definition of ‘freeform’; an actual Hanukkah reference in January; my real thoughts about LinkedIn, and a Hong Kong Phooey quote. That’s me, ever the eclectic:  @radiocblue
Got myself out of the house on Wednesday and took a look around Rittenhouse Square and Center City:
I had this date on my calendar ever since I learned that Red Abbey would be touring through Philly.  You can read of the blogriffic experience on my website, or more directly right here:
Here are more events I’m covering for you:
1/17  Renowned indie band The Trews are at North Star Bar
1/26  Dare Dukes is releasing a new disc and is performing at Kung Fu
1/27 Lorraine Leckie at Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore.
YOUTUBE: New music by Red Abbey
COVERAGE (see above):
I do audio interviews, photos, video, and audio of live events.  You can see
and hear evidence across my Facebook and YouTube channels, plus the field
recording FeedPlayer.
Time, location and expense will be taken into account before taking on a
namasteDan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
cblue456 at
@radiocblue on twitter


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