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Welcome! This site is currently under construction but it will echo the work I’ve done with the Radio Crystal Blue site.

Radio Crystal Blue is a weekly internet radio/podcast program in the freeform tradition.  I spotlight emerging music talent in various segments with occasional music features depending on the season or the volume of conceptual music that make its way to my library.  New shows are often posted by Wednesday each week and can be heard in my FeedPlayer

All content is free to share via Creative Commons License 3.0, under the terms non-commercial, non-derivative, full attribution.


Here’s the Feed Player where you can hear new shows, usually posted by Wednesday every week. Click to pop-up the player:


Click For PopUp Feed Player

The  Chart page shows you which artists are receiving progressive amounts of airplay and exposure over various amounts of time.

The Bio page is pretty self-explanatory. And kinda pretty too, now that I think of it.

On the Archive page I plan to post playlists of recent & available shows.

Links are not sausages in the Web-tubes, but some sausages are links.  You’ll find my sponsors, links to others who send me material for the big show, and other places that carry the good word of Radio Crystal Blue far and wide.

At this moment, while you gaze (gawk, or sleep) at these words, content is being migrated from its original perch and onto this here WordPress space.   I’ve had to redirect (and re-redirect) filenames from shows that have dormant URLs (dontcha hate that?), and get all sorts of text and images up in here (or through here. These are tubes right?)

cblue456 at comcast dot net


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