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Radio Crystal Blue chart update

By now, you’ve learned that Aztec Two Step are the 2013 Artists of the Year.  One media company, Trespass Music, who represents a number of indie artists you’ve heard during the year, distributed a press release about those artists. You can read the statement here.

Radio Crystal Blue charts announced; Trespass Music press release

This dual sided post announces after-the-fact the list of top artists heard on Radio Crystal Blue. I rank the top 100 artists by the raw score placing from each quarter, and tallying the totals. Each quarter represents a progressive score of airplay and exposure.
Vance Gilbert wins for the 2nd consecutive year, and joins Mark Erelli, fellow New England songwriter, as the only two-time titleists.

The chart page is where you can view the updated of not only my top 100, but also top albums of the year, and my updated list of all-time artists.


Trespass Music represents a number of artists you’ve heard on Radio Crystal Blue, including Loretta Hagen, Danielle Miraglia and Buskin & Batteau.  The latter artists I’ve actually withheld airplay from until I receive their newest material.  Meanwhile, Danielle has been heard all through 2012, and I occasionally give Loretta more exposure.   You may read the press release in full here, plus  a glowing intro to yours truly