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Radio Crystal Blue 6/2/13 audio and links

Radio Crystal Blue: Novus Ordo spotlights CDs that are debuting on my
standard freeform radio program, Radio Crystal Blue. The show exists as a
weekly podcast.

Listen here:
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(3 mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/rcbnew060213.mp3

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This show was distributed on 6/6/13

Beat The Grid “Shalango” – Beat The Grid CD www.beatthegrid.com
Trailerpark Idlers “J’Entends La Cloche Sonner” – Meanwhile, In Dogpatch… CD www.trailerparkidlers.com
Fiddleworms “Vicksburg” – See The Light CD www.fiddleworms.com
The Dyadics “Get Down” – Dead and Gone EP www.thedyadics.com
The StereoFidelics “Stay Awake” – Dynamite Fist CD www.stereof.com
Andy Hawk and the Train Wreck Endings “Afterthoughts” – Sorta Kinda Maybe bonus CD www.andyhawk.com
Hans Theessink “Take Your Picture” – Wishing Well CD www.theessink.com
Matt Stone “Northern Lights” – Northern Lights CD www.mattfolkmuse.com
Lisa Biales with Ricky Nye & The Paris Blues Band “Careless Love” (WC Handy cover) – Singing In My Soul CD www.lisabiales.com
Jill Cagney “Stop Talking” – Nerves Of Steel EP www.jillcagney.com
Running time: 77 minutos
All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share
to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,
non-derivative. For more info:

Here’s RCB proper:

Radio Crystal Blue is my long-running standard freeform radio program. The
show exists as a weekly podcast.
Listen here:
(1) The FeedPlayer on my home page (visible with Flash-supported browsers)
www.radiocrystalblue.net and available to stream/download/share. Click the
pop-up link at the ‘home’ tab.
(2) If you cannot view the FeedPlayer, try a different browser, or get
Flash, or try my podcast provider at www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu
(3) .mp3: https://radiocrystalblue.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/rcblive060213.mp3
(4) RSS: www.bigcontact.com/radiocrystalblu/rss

Artists who are sharing gigs are denoted with * symbols.
This show was distributed on 6/5/13

Dick Dale “A Run For Life” – King Of The Surf Guitar album
The Breeders “Flipside” – Last Splash CD
The Pixies “Velouria” & “Stormy Weather” – Bossanova CD
Midnight Oil “Surf’s Up Tonight” – Breathe CD
Jon Herington “Like So” – Like So CD
(Rob Morsberger, Jon’s pianist on this album, passed away on June 2)
Jodie Levinson “Proud” – Strong Enough CD www.jodielevinson.com
Pi Jacobs “Anything” – Urbanicana CD www.pijacobs.com
Garrison Starr “Between The Devil’s Rain And A Dying Language” – Amateur CD www.garrisonstarr.com
Meghan Cary “Live!” – Building This House CD www.meghancary.com
Daphne Lee Martin “Molotov” – Moxie CD www.daphneleemartin.com
Eliane Amherd “Feel A Little Sorry For Yourself” – Now And From Now On CD www.elianeperforms.com
The Portraits “Shield” – Counterbalance CD www.theportraitsmusic.com
The Western Swing Authority “I’ve Got A Feeling” – All Dolled Up CD www.thewesternswingauthority.com
(Veteran songwriter Larry Wayne Clark, who co-wrote this song, passed away this week)
Sean Kershaw “Moonlight Eyes” – Coney Island Cowboy CD www.seankershaw.com
The Gravity Guild “The Game” – The Great Divide CD www.thegravityguild.com
The Kurt Henry Band “A Long Way From Sunday” – From Our Religions We’ll Be Free! CD www.kurthenry.com
Amateur Blonde “Always The Wild One” – s/t EP (bonus tracks) www.amateurblondemusic.com
Astor Place Riot “In Too Close” – Crossing Lines EP www.astorplaceriot.com
Sirsy “Cannonball” – Coming Into Frame CD www.sirsy.com
Sam Otis Hill “Road To The Beach” – Sand & Gravel CD www.samotishill.com
Achilles Wheel “Don’t Be Late” – Thirteen Hours CD www.achilleswheel.com
Screen Door Porch “Right Down To It” – The Fate & The Fruit CD www.screendoorporch.com
Randy Stern “Chasing Shadows” – www.randystern.info
Shane Cooley “Clean” – When It Rains, It Pours CD www.shanecooleymusic.com
Ronnie Fauss “Pistols In The Air” – I Am The Man You Know I’m Not CD www.ronniefauss.com
Gallon House “Twinkie” – s/t CD www.gallonhouse.com
Caroline Herring “Summer Song” – Camilla CD www.carolineherring.com
Katie Ainge “Honest Mistake” – s/t EP www.katieainge.com
Hungrytown “Any Forgotten Thing” – Any Forgotten Thing CD www.hungrytown.net
Greg Klyma “Dziadek I Babcia” – Pianomandonation CD www.klyma.com
Stephen Lee Rich “Waterbound” – Free Range Sofas CD www.stephenleerich.com
John Batdorf “Don’t Give Up On Dreams” – One Last Wish CD www.johnbatdorfmusic.com

Closing music: Juaneco y su combo “Un Shipibo en Espana” – Masters Of Chicha Volume 1 CD www.barbesrecords.com
Running time: 3 hours 19 minutes.

All content of Radio Crystal Blue’s programming is free to listen and share
to via a Creative Commons License, version 3.0, full attribution,
non-derivative. For more info: www.creativecommons.org

Next show will be recorded and distributed in the week of 6/9/13

Please consider contributing to this unique freeform radio program. RCB cannot exist without the support of listeners and fans of indie/underground/DIY/up-coming/touring talent that I freely share each and every week. There is a PayPal button active at the Home tab and the main post page at http://www.radiocrystalblue.net

Radio Crystal Blue 10/14/12 news

Radio Crystal Blue is sponsored in part by:
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NEXT SHOW will be published on or about October 17 and will be available
for about 1 year. Remember, even if you miss hearing a show the week I
record, you can always find it within the FeedPlayer’s archive of older
Owing to schedule demands, I usually publish on Wednesdays or as soon as
possible thereafter. For the next show I’m likely to publish BEFORE 10/17.
You will hear music in several segments of top indie/DIY/underground
songwriters and bands.
RCB Novus Ordo will also air separately. On this show I spin one song from
8 songs in one sitting and give you background info of each artist.
TWITTER FIVE TO FOLLOW: @dancostellosays @tspoonmusic @DanCloutierFolk @theboxinglesson @Fantazzle
I am into the 2nd week of courses at PhillyCAM and enjoying both the challenge and process of learning video equipment and how to build a show on the city’s public-access channel. One class finishes next week, and the other in 3 weeks time.
As a last minute decision, I decided to check out Beaucoup Blue at Ortlieb’s Lounge in Northern Liberties on 10/6. This venue has reopened under this title and was previously known as Jazzhaus. It was my first chance to see the father-son duo in over a year. My review of this show is at https://radiocrystalblue.net/2012/10/07/ortliebs-lounge-10612/

On 10/11 I was in attendance at Milkboy Coffee’s Center City locale once again, enjoying the music of The Way Home, Food Will Win The War, and The City and Horses, along with West Philly’s own On The Water. Review has just been posted to the site and you may read it at

I do audio interviews along with photos, video, and audio of live events.
You can see and hear evidence across my Facebook and YouTube channels, plus
the field recording FeedPlayer.Time, location and expense will be taken into
account before taking on a job. I’ve done this work for free, but that may
change soon. Also, with the video skills I’m learning, I might do more
video oriented work in the future.

10/16: Post-punk alt-country songwriter Freddy Hall (The Best Intentions)
performs at The Grape Room www.freddyhallmusic.com
10/22: The Blakes www.theblakesband.com perform at Ortlieb’s Lounge
11/3: Katie Barbato, Ginger Coyle, Danielle Miraglia at Sine Studios
www.katiebarbato.com www.gingercoyle.com www.daniellem.com
11/15 Mr. Hunter returns to the East Coast, and to The Grape Room

Not for nothing, it’s been two years since I’ve joined Twitter. Today is the actual two-year Twitterversary! What gift do I give myself? Someone came up with a clever answer on my timeline.

RCB Novus Ordo: Bobtown and Jesse Terry both highlights this edition; the former a folk ensemble, the latter an award winning songwriter. You’ll also enjoy hearing the space rock of The Boxing Lesson and roots rock from Interstate Buffalo.

RCB proper: A technical issue caused to re-record the entire show from scratch. I still managed to deliver the show on Wednesday as usual. Once again I began with Pamela Wyn Shannon’s acclaimed and limited edition album “Courting Autumn”. First segment includes touring songwriters Ellis and Meghan Cary, plus Nerissa & Katryna Nields who formally release their new CD this week. There’s a line in the song “Back At The Fruit Tree” that cites the month of October. Yes, you did hear more about space dinosaurs and more of the story (and backstory) from MJ Hibbett & The Validators. Segment 2 was much more uptempo. Spun more new music here from Add Moss and EndAnd (the latter’s EP is slightly deceptive in description, as there are multiple titles for different songs. Most songs in this segment were somewhat dark. Segment 3:Chuck Schaeffer introduced here with the title track, a Craig Bickhardt cover. I stayed along the lines of pedal steel to present Marc Berger and Sam Otis Hill (complete with Sam’s take on elections). Lily Wilson and Mare Wakefield take part in a songwriter in-the-round at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles, 10/24. Final segment: The pride of Ocracoke Island, NC, Molasses Creek kicks off with a medley penned by Fiddler Dave Tweedie: “Scat Reel/Charles In Jeopardy, First Day Of School”. Two songs of similar vibe closes us out from Craig Sonnenfeld and Lynn Hollyfield.
Send CDs to
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
1701 Snyder Avenue, #4
Philadelphia, PA 19145

CDs MUST have a 2012 release date. Digital is acceptable if media is not
available in other formats.
Artists are also advised to add my email address to their general email

I also accept EPKs through these companies. For EPK submissions I select
artists on their body of work and the completeness of the press kit.

SONICBIDS: http://www.sonicbids.com/radiocrystalblue
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Search for the words Radio Crystal Blue to find my pages there.
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