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Radio Crystal Blue 6/17/12 news

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RCB Novus Ordo will also air separately. On this show I spin one song from as many as 8 songs in one sitting and give you background info of each artist.


Reminding you all that any compelling compilation/concept CDs can be sent here directly. I’m seeking material that can be featured, song-for-song, in my CD FOCUS segments. It’s been a while since the last feature.

Another reminder for artists: Please be sure to mention your favorite music-related podcast in your news and/on your website. More than an ego-stroke, it’s a show of support for those who spin music that are not the traditional 3- and 4-letter commercial/college stations. It’s easy to support radio. Too easy. But give some love to podcasts, please. Especially mine!

Every week or two I take in more and more of Philly’s local culture, between food, music and other elements. This past week was no exception. Earlier this week I was at LOVE (Fairmount) Park, in the heart of Center City, to see local soul/rock artist M’Balia. She performed solo acoustic on a small raised stage maybe 100 feet from the iconic LOVE sculpture, and in earshot of the fountain in the middle of the park. Two artisanal food companies were in my sights also: Little Baby’s Ice Cream set up at LOVE Park that day with such flavors as Earl Grey Sriracha (my fave). And, near South Street, a sweet shop called Cookie Confidential now features beer-fueled cupcakes.

Photo evidence of the above here:



I was in attendance also to see Ryan Tennis in the latest installment of his Clubhouse Concert series in South Philly.  Full review of the jam at  http://wp.me/p1FKJJ-bX

Photos from this event at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151805432060725.866634.684570724&type=3&l=d615ef8d25

VIDEO of Ryan Tennis: http://youtu.be/FA8HVoew2DM


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I do audio interviews, photos, video, and audio of live events. You can see and hear evidence across my Facebook and YouTube channels, plus the field recording FeedPlayer.Time, location and expense will be taken into account before taking on a job.

No local shows on my docket right now. Wanna suggest one? I will definitely attend at least one more show this month, likely two.


RCB REVIEW: The annotated version of the shows.

RCB Novus Ordo: Policitial-socially conscious punk band from Chicago, Voice Of Addiction, strs in this truncated (6 song) show. NJ’s The Successful Failures return to my airwaves with more good indie pop. Scizzorman checks in with serious funk from down under.

RCB proper: Los Angeles’ Marina V has a new single “Stand” which was released this week, this in advance of a new album to be released later this summer. Most songs in Segment 1 were thoughtful, full of memories and struggle, and eventually leaving one’s ground. Segment 2: Spun brand new album by the Jamie McLean Band, recorded at Gibson Showroom (NYC) last year. Joan Ov Arc from UK are releasing another song for the XBOX 360, the only all-female rock band from the UK to have a song in the game. Segment 3: The Steel Wheels, Jonny Hirsch and others were at the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga TN yesterday. Out of vigorous folk and funk (welcome back Self Tort to the rotation), some older sweet pop music from Peter Buzzelle, and brand new music from the exciting Jennings. Both artists are part of tomorrow’s Make Music Harvard Square event in Boston. The song from Jennings was recorded at Acoustic Long Island 2011. Final segment: Started with some reggae. It’s summer, so why not? Older tune from the recent collection of songs by Aztec Two-Step, who have just celebrated 40 years as a performing duo….and a Black Uhuru cover by Devon Sproule. The YaYas with a danceable tune with a slight reggae beat to it. Red Molly follows with a Tim O’Brien/Darrell Scott composition, then a pair of summer tunes by Lynn Hollyfield and Michael Jerling to round out this show.



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