Radio Crystal Blue 3/20/19

Radio Crystal Blue, in its 19th year online, is a weekly podcast that features top songwriters and bands, indie, underground, and touring, in a freeform format.


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This show, #832, was published, on 03/20/2019.

Nick Drake “Introduction” – Bryter Layter (Island – March 06, 1971)
Bowery Electric “Freedom Fighter” – Lushlife (Beggars Banquet Records – February 22, 2000)
Saint Etienne “Spring” – Foxbase Alpha (Heavenly/UK – September 16, 1991, Warner Bros./US – January, 1992)

Janita “No Excuses” – Didn’t You, My Dear? CD @JANITAartist
Kris Angelis “The Sparrow” – Pieces That Were Stolen EP @krisangelis
Abigail Dowd “The Other Side” – Not What I Seem CD @abigaildowd
Liz Longley “Say Anything You Want” – Weightless CD @lizlongley
Meghan Cary “Live!” – Sing Louder CD @meghancarysongs
The Nouveaux Honkies “The Glades” – Loud In Here CD @TNHBand
Mystery Loves Company “Here We Are” – (t/t) Here We Are CD @MysteryLovesCo

Antigone Rising “I See You” – Whiskey & Wine, Vol. II CD @antigonerising
Dar Williams “The Light And The Sea” – In The Time Of Gods CD @DarWilliamsTour
Flight Of Fire “Daughters Of Venus” – Path Of The Phoenix CD @Flight_of_Fire
The Claim “All About Hope” – Boomy Tella 12″ Green Vinyl LP
The Jasmine Minks “Step By Step” – 7″ Blue Vinyl EP @behappydadda

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate “Advancing On Snailback” – Broken But Still Standing CD @itsadequate
Black Cat Biscuit “I Don’t Know” – That’s How The Cookie Crumbles CD @BlackCatBiscuit
David J. “Light And Shade” – Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh 12″ Heavyweight Clear Vinyl LP
Fortnight In Florida “Easier To Lose” – In-Flight Entertainment CD @fortnightinFL
I Am A Rocketship “Intermittent” – Mind Graffiti CD @iamarocketship1
Marble Arch “I’m On My Way” – (single)

Continuing from the prior show, a salute to antifolk artists who played at the now-closed SideWalk Cafe & Restaurant in NYC

Schwervon “Wake Up Fall” – Poseur CD @Schwervon
Lorraine Leckie “Everywhere Man” – Revel Devil Devil Rebel CD @LorraineLeckie
Timothy Dark “Performer” – Dark Day Afternoon EP @timothydark
Dan Costello “Saga Of Lorimer Jail” – Halloween Baby CD
A Brief View Of The Hudson “Goddamn Days” – Go North To Find Me CD @abriefview
Julian Velard “How I Became A Pirate” – Nitetime CD @julianvelard
Lorenzo Bertocchini “Always On My Mind” – Live at the SideWalk Cafe, NYC CD @LoreBertocchini
Peter Dizozza “Square One (Set The Prisoners Free)” – Songs Of The Golf Wars @dizozza

Edie Carey “We Got This” – Paper Rings (8 Love Stories) CD @ediecarey
Beth Wood “Call When You Get Home” – The Long Road CD @bethwoodmusic
Brudini “Reflections” – (single) @brudinimusic
Ellen Starski “Daughter Of The Sea” – The Day When Peonies Prayed For The Ants CD @StarskiEllen
Monica Rizzio “Long Lost Friend” – Washashore Cowgirl CD @monicarizzio
Heather Styka & The Sentimentals “Mockingbird Song” – North CD @heatherstyka
Davey O “Coming Home” – A Bright Horizon Line CD

Closing music:
DJ Flowerdove “Shimmer” @flowerdove2168
Running time: 3 hours, 10 minutes
Host: Dan Herman
Production/post-production: Dan Herman and DJ Flowerdove
Recorded in stereo to 128 kbps bitrate, 44.1 Hz in mp3 format, using Audacity software.

All content is free to listen and share, via Creative Commons License, version 4.0, non-derivative, non-commercial, full attribution. More info:

Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
Celebrating 18 years on the Web
(253) 537-1096 or (215) 995-2234
Facebook: Dan Herman or Radio Crystal Blue
twitter: @radiocblue


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