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This show, #822, was published: 10/30/2018.

“Green Onions” – Booker T. & The M.G.s (featuring Wolfman Jack) – (Volt Records – May, 1962; Stax Records (US)/London Records (UK) – September 1962)
“Born Under A Bad Sign” – Jimi Hendrix – Blues (MCA – April 26, 1994)
“Grateful When You’re Dead/Jerry Was There” – Kula Shaker – K (Columbia – April 22, 1996)
“Dark Star” – Grateful Dead – Wake Up To Find Out (Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY – 3/29/90) – (Rhino – September 29, 2014)

Ellis Paul “The Day After Everything Changed” – (t/t) The Day After Everything Changed CD @ellispaul
Sam Baker “Land Of Doubt” – (t/t) Land Of Doubt CD @SamBakerMusic
Kevin So “Why Am I Afraid?” – Countryside CD @TweetKevinSo
Meghan Cary “Little Girls” – Sing Louder CD @MeghanCarySongs
Jess Novak Band”Say We Tried” – Inches From The Sun CD @JessRock87
Hymn For Her “Shallow Graves” – Pop-n-Downers CD @HymnForHer

Some of the featured artists in this year’s NERFA event :
Susan Cattaneo “Field Of Stone” – The Hammer & The Heart 2-CD Set – (Disc 2 -The Heart) @susancattaneo
Reggie Harris “Hickory Hill” – Ready To Go CD @Regmusicman
Grace Morrison “The Ropes” – I’m The Apple CD @RealGraceMusic
C. Daniel Boling “I Will Not Go Gently” – These Houses CD
Kenny White “Shoot The Moon” – Symphony In 16 Bars CD

King Of The Road: A Tribute To Roger Miller @deanmillermusic
Roger’s son, Dean Miller, curates this all-star tribute, with legends of country-western music, and some of the genre’s top-selling stars.
From Disc 2 of this 2-CD collection, I aired: “I Believe In The Sunshine” – Daphne & The Mystery Machines, @DaphneandTMM
“Guv’ment” – John Goodman,
“Old Songwriters Never Die” (banter),
“Hey, Would You Hold It Down?” – Ringo Starr @ringostarrmusic
“The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me” – Dolly Parton, featuring Alison Krauss  @dollyparton @alisonkrauss

False Prophets “Scorched Earth” Blind Roaches & Fat Vultures: Phantasmagoric Beasts Of The Reagan Era (Alternative Tentacles, 2000)
Kalo “Pay To Play” – Wild Change CD @KALORocks
Antigone Rising “Game Changer” – Whiskey & Wine, Vol. II CD @AntigoneRising
Dar Williams “You Will Ride With Me Tonight” – In The Time Of Gods CD @DarWilliamsTour
Hector Ward & The Big Time “Voodoo Surf” – Evolution: Live At The Saxon Pub – Disc 2 Of 2-CD Set @HWBIGTIME

Darol Anger, Emy Phelps & Friends – Music Of Our People (60s Album) Compilation CD @darolanger
Influential violinist/octave mandolinist, Darol Anger, teams up with frequent co-conspirator/guitarist, Emy Phelps, for a series of favorite songs, of the 1960s. The guest artists on this album help elevate it, from ‘cover album’ status, to a new statement, on New Acoustic (or, simply Americana) music. Many of their favorite musicians, in the Northeast U.S., contributed much, to these songs. Darol has done similar projects, during his time with Republic of Strings, and a prior folk album, of highly arranged material, (Heritage), with major-label guests.
From this CD, I aired: “Uncle John’s Band” & “Bird On A Wire”.

Ramones “You’re Gonna Kill That Girl” – Leave Home (Sire, US/UK; Phillips, Europe – January 10, 1977)
Ramones “Pet Sematary” – Brain Drain (Sire, US; Chrysalis, UK – March 23, 1989)
The Cravens “Highway” – On The Line CD @TheCravens
Holygram “A Faction” – Modern Cults CD
Whispering Sons “No Time” – Image CD @WhisperingSons
Moderate Rebels “Faith & Science” – Shared Values CD @ModRebels
The Mutineers “Hard Sell” – Threshold EP
Microcosms “Wrapped Up” – Fairy Tale EP @WeAreMicrocosms

More artists performing at this year’s NERFA event:
Scott Cook “Alberta, You’re Breaking My Heart” – Further Down The Line CD
Monica Rizzio “A Little Time” – Washashore Cowgirl CD @MonicaRizzio
Erika Kulnys “Hummingbird” – Rise Up CD @erikakulnys
Greg Greenway “Letting Go” – 20,000 Versions Of The Sun CD
Alice Howe “You’ve Been Away So Long” – (t/t) You’ve Been Away So Long EP @alicehowemusic

Rasputina “Transylvanian Concubine” – Transylvanian Regurgitations EP (Columbia – August 12, 1997)
Lily Frost “Red Flags” – Rebound EP @lily_frost
The Young Novelists “Back To The Hard Times” – In City & Country CD @young_novelists
Cardboard Ox “The Ballad Of Ida” – (s/t) EP www, @traciepotes
Hungrytown “Day For Night” – Further West CD @hungrytown

Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio “What Else Can I Do?” – Still She Will Fly EP @HeatherPierson
Joe Jencks “Morning Star” – The Forgotten Recovered Treasures From The Pen Of Si Kahn CD @JoeJencksMusic
Lara Herscovitch “Mr. Hyde” – Misfit CD @laraherscovitch
Amy Soucy “Old Crows” – This River CD

Closing music: Lou Reed “Halloween Parade” (AIDS) – New York
Twitter: @flowerdove2168

Running time: 4 hours, 25 minutos
Host: Dan Herman
Production/post-production: Dan Herman and DJ Flowerdove
Recorded in stereo to 128 kbps bitrate, 44.1 Hz in mp3 format, using Audacity software.
Atmosphere: creepy-spooky

All content is free to listen and share, via Creative Commons License, version 4.0, non-derivative, non-commercial, full attribution. More info:

Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
Celebrating 18 years on the Web
(253) 537-1096 or (215) 995-2234
Facebook: Dan Herman or Radio Crystal Blue
twitter: @radiocblue


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