Radio Crystal Blue news (week of 5/24/15)

Hi all! This is the latest Radio Crystal Blue news.
In this edition:
RECAP of shows
HOW TO LISTEN: Many different portals to access Radio Crystal Blue exist.  I’m soon to phase out the Big Contact FeedPlayer, as their service will soon be moving focus away from podcasting. I have since located
Podcast Garden which has free hosting:  Download and stream each episode starting with the main 5/17/15 show. I’ll add more each week as we go.
Internet Archive contains every show I’ve uploaded in the last 2 years there.   All content there is available for the life of the Internet.   You can access individual shows further by going to my website and see the individual posts of each show, which has unique URLs.  You can also find them by seeing the appropo posts on Facebook, Twitter and Clammr.
Get the Stitcher app for Android, and i-devices which captures whole podcast shows
Radio Crystal Blue’s main show, as with RCB Novus Ordo, are delivered late into each week, named for the Sunday of that week.  Each show, after editing through Audacity, gets published to the above portals, then to my website, then the notes are typed up, Clammr clips are saved and published, (more about Clammr in a bit) then I sound the trumpets.
RCB Novus Ordo’s focus is to highlight songs from brand-new releases, along with my reciting of bios of each.  Currently 6 new releases are covered weekly. This number changes depending on the available amount of actual CDs waiting in my library
I continue to seek specific concept and compilation albums. If you know of such, ones that I can feature track-for-track, please let me know at once.
SPONSORSHIP and SYNDICATION: I’m always seeking new blood for the show, folks whose product I can talk about on the air, mention in these emails, and blab (er, Tweet) about elsewhere in social media.   Further I’d like to increase RCB’s visibility through being part of other Internet radio or podcast networks. If you know of any I should join, contact me at
CLAMMR is a technology I believe in. We are becoming more accepting of larger audio files and direct messages, going beyond the 6-second Vine loops, and embracing longer clips.  I’ve joked before that we’ll soon be doing 30-minute docudramas out of our pockets. I’m not being facetious with this idea. In fact, I’m strongly believing in the concept.   I plan to attend a local college to study the finer points of audio-visual technology and how to develop shows and work behind the camera as much as in front of.   As for Clammr, it’s been described as an audio version of Instagram or Twitter. All you have to do is create 18-second sound bites and upload and tag them.  What I do is create samples of every song I air on both podcasts.  Enjoy the ride by going to and the New Alt Music channel, or my direct feed at
LIVING ARCHIVE: I am wanting to rebuild an archive of shows from all years going back to 2001.  If you have tapes, CDs or files of any shows that you have recorded, I’d like to borrow them for this project to help preserve the history and tell the story of RCB’s 15 years on the air.  Contact via email at
IAIB: I’ve joined the International Association Of Internet Broadcasters. Read more at this link:
NAME DROPPING: Here’s some recent mentions across social media of the show:
@EOrganix  May 17 Organix on the air this weekend at Radio Crystal Blue, thanks for the love 🙂  @radiocblue
‏@SGravesMusic  May 16 Steven Graves retweeted Dan Herman: Thanks Dan for playing my music!! You rock my friend, Love Radio Crystal Blue!!
Marchan Noelle 9 May at 10:34 · This week, my music will be once again on Radio Crystal Blue! Tune in to hear it, I’m so excited to sail on the airwaves another go around. Thanks Dan!
@SandboxMusicLLC  May 7 M new sounds: Lipstick – Giana Lynn (Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo 4/26/15) … on #SoundCloud
 ‏@rivernag  Apr 8  madiannedavis will be playing on Radio Crystal Blue @Stitcher @radiocblue
Top countries accessing RCB outside of the US: Brazil, Canada, UK, Czech Republic, Italy.
NOVUS ORDO SCRIBE is the non de plume of DJ Flowerdove, who provides my closing music.  Novus Ordo Scribe provides text and audio reviews of most artists that receive debut airplay on RCB Novus Ordo. Follow the Scribe at @novusordoscribe
RECAP of recent shows:
4/19 debts include Michael Falzarano (Hot Tuna, New Riders Of The Purple Sage), Seattle-area band Terra Zoo, and guitar maestro Anthony Gomes. New song here too from Jo Wymer plus Mystery Loves Company and Candice Sand.
4/26  Elaine Romanelli returns with her latest album, as does Joey Stuckey whom I had the chance to meet nearly 10 years ago.  Solid R&B debuts here from Deb Ryder & Pam Steebler.  Debut of material by Tacoma-area power-pop band Strangely Alright.
5/3  Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount, plus Kye Alfred Hillig are 2 artists I saw live here in Tacoma, and both debut on this week’s programs.  Within the main show: I mused upon how Van Morrison would program a show; the idea led to how this week’s show began at least.  Special segment includes performers in this year’s Wildflower Festival.  More good debuts here from Liz Longley and Jesse Terry.
5/10 This is the first show I began with a new standard opening, borrowed from Vin Scelsa’s opening. Vin had retired in the week prior.  Special segment features artists that took part in SERFA and the Montauk Music Festivals.
Open Book, the husband-wife duo of Rick and Michelle Gedney, continuing the superb adult contemporary vibe they have carried forth on several albums; Danny Schmidt, also known as Mr. Carrie Elkin, has a new solo effort.  Activist/songwriter John McCutcheon has a new album out about turn of the century activist Joe Hill. Special segments focus on Kerrville Folk Festival plus my first summer segue of songs.
An unearthed show from September 18 2005 has re-entered the Web. After a fair scrubbing of audio quality, I am proud to unveil this Live365 program, which features some notable debuts by Jann Klose, Sharon Goldman and others!  Exclusive to the Internet Archive at
I am accepting CDs and downloads for the rotation. CDs will be featured on Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo, and eventually on RCB itself.  Music must have a 2014-15 release date. I’ll accept material not older than 6 months from the present date. Material older than that date, including downloads, do not receive a feature; they’ll be considered for the rotation itself. I’m also interested in featuring great compilation or soundtrack albums as stated prior.
CDs that fit in the above rules may be sent to
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
121 129th Street South, C8
Tacoma, WA 98444
EPK (Electronic press kits) submissions can be sent via one of these
Search for the words Radio Crystal Blue to find my pages there. If I like the EPK, I will then ask for a CD.
Radio Crystal Blue is free to share and listen, in accordance with Creative Commons License 4.0, full attribution, non-derivative, non-commercial.
DONATIONS to Radio Crystal Blue can be made via the Paypal button at the  homepage.
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
253 537 1096 or 215 995 2234
facebook/twitter/clammr: radiocblue

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