Radio Crystal Blue week of 3/8/15 news

This is the latest edition of my periodic news on behalf of Radio Crystal Blue, my weekly Internet-based freeform podcast.  Radio Crystal Blue continually masters the art of freeform radio, with music from top indie,
underground and touring artists from all across the Web and the Earth at large.
1: at , right-click on the link titled Click for PopUp Feed Player. That will display the audio player as a page on its own. Find the show you want to hear, click the Details tab to download the show or the play button on top to stream. There’s also an RSS feed button and a number of ways to share the audio player
2: My podcast provider:  Shows from these players are kept on the server for about 1 year.
3: Stitcher for iPod, iPhone or Android:
4: Internet Archive:   I publish playlists via social media and on my website. Look for the podcast URL that points to There is a dedicated player for the page, with the same download/stream/share options.  Also, these links will be around as long as the Internet is around.
5: You can hear audio samples of all songs (tho not the show itself) via Clammr, which I liken to Twitter in audio form.  (iPod, iTunes, iwhatever)   Also hear at  Let me know if you’d like a widget for your site or blog.
Radio Crystal Blue is free to share and listen, in accordance with Creative Commons License 4.0, full attribution, non-derivative, non-commercial.
Next pair of podcasts will be published late into the week of March 8, 2015 RCB Novus Ordo airs as a separate podcast to highlight songs from brand-new releases in one sitting, along with bio of each artist.
A TON to get to so let’s get going…
3/1 podcasts introduces a newer technical sound to RCB…a new mic! I have a Shure PG-58 cardoid, which replaces an old MiniDisc mic from Sony which served me well for a decade. Before that, I think I was using your basic PC mic.  I bought XLR cables for the occasion, along with a pop filter at the local Guitar Center.  The sound from this podcast is so much cleaner than the ones from the past few months. With it, I approach the show with a greater sense of confidence.
On 3/1 itself I attended a show at a renowned venue, Jazzbones, in downtown Tacoma, on the busy 6th Avenue section. I won’t repeat what I’ve already shared on the website, so please check out the latest postings about the show here:  It was great to meet Aradia for the first time, whom I had given airplay to twice this past month. Beyond this, I was enthused from meeting the folks who run Seattle Wave Radio and also Maurice The Fish Records.  There may be some alignment between RCB and these companies.
I’m eager to get to more events in the Tacoma and greater Seattle areas. One limitation with not having a car where I live is that the bus system back home generally stops running after the 9pm hour.  Maybe someone local can suggest some alternatives in location? If you’re wondering, I live a short distance from Northern Pacific Coffee Company, a small café/bar spot that regularly features live music from local/regional talent.
You’ll notice that in the options to hear RCB there is a new way to hear the songs I air.  It’s called Clammr. An app that produces audio soundbites, as long as 18 seconds, in a running time-line, a bit like Twitter. Mass media is already embracing it, so why can’t I?  I’ve submitted  my Clammr feed to be published among the music-related content.  What I decided to do was publish 18 seconds of each song that I gave airplay to in the 3/1/15 podcasts.  Clammr reports that my feed got 1000 plays in the first day!  So I’m continuing the trend and will update the feed with more songs from the 3/8 podcast when that is set.
Clammr is not to replace my show by any means, but it will give some people a better sense as to what makes my airwaves.   Please note that this technology is built for Apple devices: iPod, iPhone, iTunes.   If you’d like to see the feed you can try    Or you can request the widget to have embedded on your site or blog.
Lynwood Slim passed away last year; he’s the vocalist you hear for one track by the Igor Prado Band, plus the Delta Groove All-Stars.  Delta Groove has brought you music from greats like Bob Corritore and Rod Piazza.  The Burns Sisters are a duo act these day. Annie and Marie explore their Celtic roots on their latest album. As for RCB proper: How about the newest album from James McMurtry, the first one in 6 years? And then son Curtis’s album, back to back, to start the first segment?   Segment 2 reintroduces us to the fresh R&B/soul/folk sound of the amazing Kevin So.  Segment 3 kept it folk, with Segment 4 more songwriter-oriented.
I focus on CDs as opposed to downloads, though I make exceptions in the event of albums that are digital releases only. Music must have a 2014-15 release date. I’ll accept material not older than 6 months from the present date.   Any older material will not receive a featured debut; instead, they will be placed within the long rotation and selection process for future shows.
I’m also interested in featuring, great compilation or soundtrack albums\track-for-track, to help tell the story of those albums.
EPK (Electronic press kits) submissions can be sent via one of these companies.
Search for the words Radio Crystal Blue to find my pages there. If I like the EPK, I will then ask for a CD.
CDs that fit in the above rules may be sent to
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
121 129th Street South, C8
Tacoma, WA 98444
DONATIONS to Radio Crystal Blue can be made via the Paypal button at the homepage.
SPONSORSHIP: I can mention your product or service on the air, in emails, and on my website.  Email me for details.
SYNDICATION: I am actively seeking syndication for Radio Crystal Blue on podcast and Internet radio networks. Please email to inquire.
PHONE: 215-995-2234 or 253-537-1096
TWITTER @radiocblue
CLAMMR: radiocblue

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