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NEXT SHOW will be published late this week. You will hear music in several
segments of top touring indie/DIY/underground songwriters and bands.
RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 7 songs, one each from a brand new
recording. I spin the music and give you the backstory of each artist.
THE LATEST: As we’re deeper into September, I’m also continuing to seek out alternatives to my housing situation that may well come to an end by September’s end.   I’ve been to several city agencies with very little progress, and there’s a therapy session later this week.   I’ve made no progress with finding work, and I just refuse to believe that being homeless is inevitable.  But I don’t know of any alternatives, thanks to the very bureaucracy that’s slowing things down.   I haven’t even found an attorney that I feel I can trust.  Maybe my situation is undefendable.   But I need answers.  And a miracle, or three.
While all this is happening, I’m maintaining my health, the apartment is in decent enough shape, and am making some interesting new aquaintances online, and there is also these projects I am working on along with Radio Crystal Blue.  I see myself combining efforts and traveling to make this all work. If you want to read more, see my Vision page on the website.  The Derek Rydall material continues to inspire.  I no longer wake up dreading the day or week to come.  There is enough time to get necessary work done as well as this program.
RCB REWIND:  On RCB Novus Ordo, most of the material contained an Americana or roots vibe. Mark Jones & Twenty Paces is within these genres, tho I’d say more roots-rock, which is a personal favorite genre. Jon Shain resurfaces for a covers album, and naturally I chose a Hank Williams Sr. song for the occasion. I have heard much about Folkapotamus since their debut in 2011, and they are proudly on my radar for the first time.   With the next several shows, I’ll stick to 6 songs per show, as the library is starting to look a bit lean for wear.
RCB proper:   The tradition is this: Around what we call Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end to the season that unofficially began Memorial Day, I air particular tunes, and somehow thread them into autumn.  The Fatboy Slim sampling of The Doors is now a staple, as is the use of Jimi Hendrix’s passing reference to Dick Dale (and Dick Dale’s music) in “Third Stone From The Sun…and then, silence…and then a jazz number to cool things down somewhat, an easing in.. Being in Philly now and in the situation I’m in, “Fall in Philadelphia” by Hall & Oates has not sounded more poignant for use here.   Segment 1: We hear a brand new song from Brooklyn’s own Jessi Robertson, the first from a forthcoming new album, apparently in a different vibe than her prior effort. I continue to champion The Sidleys, who have a thoroughly contemporary sound.  Veteran songwriter Claudia Schmidt is heard once again. Claudia, along with The Steel Wheels, were part of last weekend’s Wheatland Music Festival in the town of Remus, MI. Segment 2 contains blues for the most part; notably a quick number from RB Stone. Steve Conte, off his new NYC album, presents a slower, thoughtful song on the otherwise rockin’ collection of songs. Segment 3 contains foreign-language songs from both Greg Klyma and Ronstadt Generations.  Heather Pierson & Carrie Ferguson (plus Caroline Cotter) were part of a songwriter-in-the-round event in Conway NH last week. Final segment: RJ Cowdery and Beggar’s Ride were 2 acts for a one-day conference/event. The event presented by NERFA and SERFA, two chapters of Folk Alliance International was held on September 6th, in Charlottesville, VA.
I focus on CDs as opposed to downloads, though I make exceptions in the
event of albums that are digital releases only. Music must have a 2014
release date. All new albums debut on RCB Novus Ordo; on rare exception,
some debut on Radio Crystal Blue proper.
I’m also interested in featuring, great compilation or soundtrack albums
track-for-track, to help tell the story of those albums.
Electronic press kits) submissions can be sent via one of these companies.
Search for the words Radio Crystal Blue to find my pages there. If I like
the EPK, I will then ask for a CD
CDs that fit in the above rules may be sent to
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
1701 Snyder Avenue, #4
Philadelphia, PA 19145
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past to be a sponsor of Radio Crystal Blue. I am happy to mention your
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SYNDICATION: Would you like to access and hear Radio Crystal Blue, 14 years
on the Web, on another Internet radio or podcast network? I hope you do. The
word about this unique brand of freeform radio is getting to more people
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and emerging networks right alongside your other favorite shows on the Web.
Email me to inquire.
Be seeing you
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
twitter: @radiocblue
215 995 2234

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