Rebuilding the Radio Crystal Blue archive (before 2012)

With the recent loss of my hard drive and data and media I cannot possibly replace, I’m seeking to recreate the Radio Crystal Blue archive of older shows. I want some representation of this program’s history kept in perpetuity, to show people that this is the extension of my best work.

I envision having 2-3 shows from every year since 2001 in a separate place in my archives so that it can be accessed anytime, like a living time capsule that isn’t quickly forgotten about.
I do have most shows going back a year in time as I have stored them on my website’s server. This is about all the music it can hold.
For purposes of this note, I’m referring to any shows before 2013.
I have very show archived shows on disc, and I’m not sure of the condition the audio is in, or even the feasibility to put it out on the Web in its current state. So I turn to you listeners and followers.
If you have any full or partial editions of Radio Crystal Blue, or RCB Novus Ordo, in whatever format, please email me at

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