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NEXT SHOW will be published on or about October 2 and will be available for about 1 year. I usually publish on Wednesdays or as soon as possible thereafter. You will hear music in several segments of top indie/DIY/underground songwriters and bands.
RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 8 songs, one each from a brand new recording. I spin the music and give you the backstory of each artist.
One of the favorite times of the year for me is right now..the time when I figure out who will be ranked in the next quarterly airplay chart. It’s a time of number-crunching, which I admittedly love to do, and be able to spill the goods in a concise manner. The prior chart results for 2013 are on,…where else? …the CHART page
I aim to publish, on October 1, the results of the chart, and also a short list of those whom I believe are the finalists to be RCB’s Artist of the Year for 2013.
October 1 is also Radio Crystal Blue’s 13th anniversary. I have some of the same equipment as I did when I started, and some of the same songs. My psyche has changed most of all, as has the programming. Truly, the last 2 waves of change came here: 2005, when I decided to spin much more indie and a lot less major-label artists. 2007, when I got a bona fide mixer that more than does the job, and 2009, when I changed up the programming to be more inclusive of artists sharing billing with others that I already planned to give airplay to.
I honestly don’t have plans on how to celebrate the show’s anniversary, but I might be able to come up with something. If you’re curious about gifts, online searches turn up suggestions such as lace, textiles, furniture for a 13th anniversary. Doesn’t exactly translate to radio, tho I could use a new mic.
I’m still in personal celebratory mood as I’ve gathered a very good temp job. Even tho anything can happen on a job with such terms, I’m still very hopeful for my future, especially given that the job came absolutely in the nick of time.
A special dose of RCB LOVE goes to Renfro Foods, makers of quality jarred salsas, sauces, and relishes under the brand name Mrs Renfros. Their products contains varying levels of heat and flavor. Yours truly has extolled their virtues on my show (no doubt you know this by now). I found out about this company while shopping at a local supermarket two years ago. and at some point this week I tweeted that info. Immediately the company’s PR firm contacted me to see if I’d be interested in a sampler. Of course I’d be! I’m not partial to any one flavor, tho I will never tempt fate by trying the Ghost Pepper Salsa again. This was the stuff that hospitalized me. I have since recovered and don’t go for the hot stuff nearly as much. But, once a month I do try a different jar, and I happen to like their medium-strength Mango Habanero Salsa.

Also more LOVE to Teeccino. I learned of this company from an acquaintance, when I openly mused about coffee substitutes. I have stuck to 3 of the available organic coffee flavors, being quite partial to chocolate. Teccinno is available at Whole Foods, and is commonly packaged in tea bag format. for more.

The annotated notes of this week’s shows:
RCB Novus Ordo: No better way to start than to have disappear fear’s music return to RCB’s airwaves. The award winning songwriter SONiA fronts this band. I chose “Start”, which has a world music sound, recalling theTango album that I spun the last time you heard them on RCB. Arstidir checks from Reykjavik, Iceland with their own brand of Icelandic folk-rock. Jim Allchin, late of Microsoft and a career in blues music on the side, returns to this genre with his latest.

RCB proper: Segment 1: Butcher’s Blind and Katie Pearlman are part of the 8th annual Port Jefferson (NY) American Music Festival, being held in mid-October. Some sort of Americana and roots figured across this segment. We hear again from songwriter Stacey Y, as she continues to make waves north of the 48. Segment 2 starts with a pair of similar sounding songs (My Pet Dragon, Love X Stereo). The Grahams’ “If You’re In New York” retains the urban roots of this duo-led group, against the ‘river roots’ sound of their new album. A pair of soul songs follow (Chastity Brown, Adia & The 7 Eyes). Segment 3: Patty Larkin. What more is there to say? Patty’s music finally graces my show and a short tune here that is twinned with another song from Meghan Cary’s 2012 album. Karyn Oliver’s tune ‘Slip Away With Me” on her new Magdalene album contains a bonus acoustic version. Naturally I spin the bonus version. Repeat airplay for The Keller Sisters here. Segment 4: 3 Penny Acre and Rebecca Loebe are part of the St. Louis Folk and Roots Festival this weekend. A few traditional/European-flavored songs find their way here in the remainder of the segment.

Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
1701 Snyder Avenue, #4
Philadelphia, PA 19145
Keep physical packages of reasonable size and weight, as this is a residence.
Please indicate release date. No material from before 2013 accepted. Material released before then will be added to RCB’s loose rotation instead.
Digital is acceptable if media is not available in other formats.
Artists are also advised to add my email address to their general email list.I also accept EPKs through these companies. For EPK submissions I select
artists on their body of work and the completeness of the press kit.
Search for the words Radio Crystal Blue to find my pages there.
I continue to seek outstanding concept/compilation albums for future shows, ones I can feature track-for-track. Do you know of one? Send it along!
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
twitter: @radiocblue
215 995 2234

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