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NEXT SHOW will be published on or about September 25 and will be available for about 1 year. I usually publish on Wednesdays or as soon as possible thereafter. You will hear music in several segments of top indie/DIY/underground songwriters and bands.

RCB Novus Ordo is a separate podcast with 8 songs, one each from a brand new recording. I spin the music and give you the backstory of each artist.
RCB remains a one-person operation and I must market the show and presence just right to ensure the reach is strong. I am hoping there are enough who listen tho there days I wonder about this. I want to reach more fans of the artists you listen to, and you fans yourselves. When the $ comes, I want to replace my logo with something different and learn how to brand more properly.

Slight programming change: I am aiming to record on Tuesdays and publish Wednesdays. Now that I have the new temp job starting next week, shows will take on this new pattern. Further, RCB Novus Ordo goes back to 8 songs from 6, as the library has increased in recent weeks.

This week is the next to last before I construct the quarterly airplay charts, measuring which artists are receiving the most airplay and exposure from the last 3 months. If you ask me whcih artists are most popular, I’ll point you to the chart. Look for an update to it first thing October. Chart page:

I was in NYC briefly on Thursday to repair a camera battery, which was stuck in the camera’s body. The night before I had planned to review an event at The Legendary Dobbs. I wasn’t able to get the photos done before the battery got stuck. Granted the battery was rather worn and I was taking a chance at its being further damaged. Thankfully I still have 2 others. So, no review from Thursday, but I did get some photos done in the aftermath of the repair job while in NYC. Kudos to Photo Tech in the Union Square section of the city for being available to do an excellent job! The photos I took on Friday are of The High Line. Full gallery here

I’m currently projecting to revive the social calendar in October after I’m a few weeks into the temp job, reviewing events and such. I might even enroll in another course at PhillyCAM, the city’s public-access network. What I really want to do is get into production instead of taking another course.

A word about ‘sponsors’-‘supporters’: There are many individuals and businesses that send me music. The ones that have formally agreed to be sponsors are the ones I’ve listed at the beginning newsletter, and are also the same ones who get mentioned in between music segments. The others don’t get mentioned tho I find it’s impossible not to mention them at times. Here’s a few of those companies:
The annotated notes of this week’s shows:
RCB Novus Ordo: Tom Principato, one of RCB’s top airplay recipients for certain, returns with a new album of guitar-oriented blues. The Tressels, a Philly hard rock band I’ve seen a few times, also returns with the second of a three-album trilogy. I was intrigued by the Sidleys, telling real-life love stories in their songs.

RCB proper: Why not start with a song from the Twin Peaks soundtrack? A definitive autumnal statement kicks this show off. Segment 1: Loretta Hagen & Beaucoup Blue appear at the Hillside Cafe in Nutley NJ, 9/21. Lara Ewen returns with a long-awaited new album, telling semi-autobiographical songs about her most recent life experiences. The CD is encased in a short hardcover book. Why don’t more people release music this way? I really like the roots-rock of David Newbould; you hear a 7-minute roots-rock song from his new album. Segment 2 is augmented by Melissa Greener. She shares billing with the following artists: with Nels Andrews at Osteria, San Francisco on 9/23; then with Freebo and John Batdorf at the Cinema Bar, Culvery City, on 10/6. The Steel Wheels also sharing billing this very weekend in Winfield KS for the Walnut Valley Festival. Si Kahn & The Looping Brothers are part of the festivities. Si’s new album contains a fast-moving bluegrass song that you heard me spin. Gina Holsopple is also part of the festival, and we hear a song from her new (and 8th!) album. Segment 3 ran from songwriter fare to country/roots to modern rock/pop. Belles & Whistles’ “Right Side Of Dirt” is an enduring favorite here. Segment 4 features artists who are part of next weekend’s Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion, in Bristol VA/NC, the ‘birthplace’ of country music. A number of seafaring songs are included in the mix, and two referencing Tennessee (James McMurtry, Miss Tess). Besides the festival, Red Molly are sharing stages with Brother Sun on October 5 in Chatham NJ. The Boxcar Lilies & Beggar’s Ride both appear October 4 at the 1st Presbyterian Church, New Haven CT, then October 5 at the Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham MA. Segment 5 was generally folk and folk-rock. Best segue from here contains the theme of tackling life’s big questions (Mark Erelli, Carrie Elkin, Aztec Two Step).

Send CDs to
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
1701 Snyder Avenue, #4
Philadelphia, PA 19145
Keep physical packages of reasonable size and weight, as this is a residence.
Please indicate release date. No material from before 2013 accepted. Material released before then will be added to RCB’s loose rotation instead.
Digital is acceptable if media is not available in other formats.
Artists are also advised to add my email address to their general email list.

I also accept EPKs through these companies. For EPK submissions I select
artists on their body of work and the completeness of the press kit.
Search for the words Radio Crystal Blue to find my pages there.

I continue to seek outstanding concept/compilation albums for future shows, ones I can feature track-for-track. Do you know of one? Send it along!
Dan Herman
Radio Crystal Blue
twitter: @radiocblue
215 995 2234

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