Radio Crystal Blue Top Segue for August 2013 (survey)

This is the first time I’m doing any sort of survey since the years I hosted an annual online airplay vote. I’m not sure I’ll do that sort of vote again, but I did come up with an idea that does warrant your participation. 

At the heart of Radio Crystal Blue are the different segments, often heard in degrees of loudness, with a certain connection between each song. It can be as simple as a lyric, a word, the time of the year, an instrument, or a few artists playing the same festival.  You can’t always pick it up just from a playlist. You have to listen to Radio Crystal Blue to really understand this.

To that end, I’ve created what I intend to be an online vote, allowing you to vote for the best 3-song segue from the 4 weeks of shows in August.   You get one vote between now and September 5, 1145pm ET.  Check out the songs, the artists, and the associated links.  I encourage you to listen to the songs, of course. I didn’t secure permission for audio clips, else I would have enclosed such clips in the survey ideally, that would be the best way to present this. But chalk it up to spontaneity. This is an idea I should have thought up sooner. 

You can vote right here


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