Personal update

I’m still seeking work in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, doing work in admin/office/research, otherwise in the arts/entertainment field.
I’m also exploring jobs outside these areas.
I have had very interviews in 2013 but I hold out hope that there will be more interviews to come, and directly from employers. The agency experience has proven to be largely disappointing; please note that I don’t have any reliance on agencies against the opportunity to work for someone directly.

I am active now in seeking rental assistance, as this might be the only way I stay afloat and stay in this apartment. I just might be able to survive through August. Beyond that, i don’t know how I will get the bills paid.

Spiritually I am remembering to keep my consciousness clear, and healing the emotions and shifting the mindset while I take more concrete action.    Derek Rydall continues to inspire such action.

For radio purposes, I’m very thankful for those who have chosen to donate $.  Thank you from the deepest part of me.
If you wish to donate, you may wish to do so through the PayPal link of

For the time I will continue to turn out shows.  Life is pretty busy outside of radio, so I cannot guarantee the timeliness of delivery, but I can deliver nevertheless.


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