Radio Crystal Blue 2nd Quarter Airplay Chart

The chart has just been published to the site.   Songwriter trio Red Molly are the leaders this time around.  They received the most airplay in the last 3 months, covering a period from April to June 2012.   Combined with a 30th place spot in the 1st Quarter, they are one of 24 artists who have a mathematical edge in being the top artists of 2012.  Vance Gilbert, last quarter’s leader, and the reigning Artist Of The Year (2011), landed 2nd place for the 2nd quarter.   In 3rd is folk ensemble Spuyten Duyvil, reigning RCB New Artists Of The Year. 57 artists made the cut across 3 sub-categories: amount of airplay across the last 3 months, airplay in the last 12 months, and a self-designed formula evaluating largest increase in airplay and exposure in the last 12 months. 
9 artists have extended their airplay-quarter streak to at least 10 quarters.
Full chart at


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