Radio Crystal Blue 1st Quarter Airplay Chart announcement

Vance Gilbert, on the heels of being named Artist of the Year for 2011 back in January, continues his presence on Radio Crystal Blue as the leading artist for the first 3 months of 2011.  Carolann Solebello, herself in 3rd place for 2011, also finished very strong as the 2nd place artist in the same 2012 time period.  Avi Wisnia gathered momentum to finished 3rd.
Ten of the RCB All-Time Top 25 are in this chart. Fifty artists in all made the list. These fifty will have the best chance to be named Artist of the Year for 2012 in 10 months.
The chart is built from a combination of progressive amounts of airplay (more frequent and airplay from past 3 months than prior quarters), and exposure (airplay plus artists I see in person and interact with in some form).
Vance led everyone in pure airplay over the past 3 months, while he and Carolann led out in 12-month airplay (April 2011-March 2012). Carolann led in top exposure.    The Trews, not on the chart, did have one of the better exposure scores.
Brother Sun make their chart debut this quarter, as do Christina LaRocca, David Wilcox, Garrison Starr, Helen Austin, and Randy Stern.

Have a look at the Chart tab on the site for full details.


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