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NEXT SHOW will be published on or about March 21 and will be available for about 4 months beyond. Owing to schedule demands, I usually aim for noon Wednesdays or as soon as possible thereafter. You will hear music in several segments of top indie/DIY/underground songwriters and bands. RCB Novus Ordo will also air separately. On this show I spin one song from as many as 8 songs in one sitting and give you background info of each artist.

You’ll also hear: CD FOCUS:”Little Blue Egg” by Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer. This is a disc with 11 long-lost recordings found by Tracy 2 years ago, I will spin 2 tracks from this compilation. **********************************************************************************

Firstly I was under the weather much of this week, tho am emerging from whatever is ailing me, and also learning a few things about responding to people, emotionally and otherwise. I promised and delivered music from a number of artists that appear this week and weekend at SXSW. An entire segment was created around Megan Slankard, who was performing on several showcases along with fellow songwriters based elsewhere around the US. After remarking that it was time I got off the grid in terms of live local music, my computer chose to follow suit for a brief while. Web issues are largely resolved, tho I’m likely to get the PC an upgrade in RAM and maybe an external hard drive. New monitor also. I also want to continue bolstering the RCB idea to more folks, tho it all comes down to realistic expectations re the finished product, along with how much time and $ to devote to it. I still seek a day job within reasonable commute time of Philly.

REVIEW: I was at El Bar on 3/10/12, seeing local bands of some renown, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. When I say ‘go off the grid’, I mean seeing bands/songwriters I’ve never heard, in a place I’ve never been to before. I recommend doing this once every few months. Have a look at what happened in my latest review at

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TWITTER TEN TO FOLLOW (yeah, I’m back on Twitter too at @radiocblue): These are the last 10 folks that I’m following who follow back: @EnkiAnuna @AlanaAmram @daniellevigoans @MichelaMusolino @AlanBarrington @vintagebluechi @OctopusJones @devianthoney @GatewayRecords @spinachworld


COVERAGE: I do audio interviews, photos, video, and audio of live events. You can see and hear evidence across my Facebook and YouTube channels, plus the field recording FeedPlayer.Time, location and expense will be taken into account before taking on a job. Next show I’m attending are on 3/22 and 3/23, possibly 3/31 ********************************************************************

RCB REVIEW: The annotated version of my shows.

On RCB Novus Ordo: The smooth modern rock of Tom Fuller Band started this show. Spanking Charlene appears here with a song about a Brooklyn nabe (Steven Van Zandt in the producer’s chair). Secret Skwirl, a project borne out of remastered lost recordings and an unknown band is one to watch for. I’d love to see whether the guys behind that music will resurface. Wes Tucker & The Skillets with an album recorded live at Alene’s Grocery in NYC (you non-NYC denizens should know that Arlene’s Grocery is on the former site of a grocery). Folklore also debuts here with (classically) epic tales of dinosaurs, robots, apocalyptic matters (unless I’m confusing them with a certain UK band. Nah).

RCB proper: RCB tradition is for me to spin Iggy Pop’s “Caesar” and also some Celtic music. This year I reintroduced the music of Philly-area group RUNA. Avi Wisnia & Rachael Sage performed an SXSW event already this week, and Avi’s back to the East Coast touring as usual. Nice to have Remember September on the radar again here in segment 1. Segment 2 includes a brand new song by Schwervon!, a song recorded in Memphis. They are about to move to Kansas (and I feel like I’m among the last to know somehow). I’m used to MAKAR rocking out on earlier albums, tho I do like the groove on their new CD, which I spun from again. Remember September and Talking To Walls are playing a week-long music festival somewhere in NYC’s Upper East Side; my online notes don’t indicate who else is in the festival. TTW’s tune has bagpipes in it! My Pet Dragon shares billing with 3 Kisses and Manda Mosher at a Go Girls Music SXSW event on 3/17. As mentioned earlier, Megan Slankard’s appearing at various SXSW shows practically inspired a whole segment in itself. Again I spun from Jeff Campbell’s CD, the song he wrote with Megan. From there, we hear the lovely partnerships of Sproule/Curreri and Elkin/Schmidt, plus extra music from TX’s own Raina Rose (who’s now a mom), and a magnificent song from Rebecca Loebe, plus a new one from Sarah Blacker. Further segment includes some righteousness in song from Andrew McKnight and Sean Kershaw (listen for Pat Wictor on lap steel and vox). More SXSW love for Christina LaRocca and Casey Desmond. Carolann Solebello and Pat Wictor co-bill tonight (Friday) at Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem, PA.


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Any compelling compilation/concept CDs can also be sent here directly. I’m seeking material that can be featured, song-for-song, in my CD FOCUS segments.



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