@ Milkboy Coffee 2/25/12

Marybeth D’Amico and Meghan Cary, regional songwriters presenting songs affirming the heavier issues of life, performed at Milkboy Coffee on Saturday 2/25 to a packed crowd braving the winter chill.  The great majority of attendees were there to see Meghan, who was released her new CD “Building This House”
Milkboy is a wide comfortable venue, with a good sized rectangle stage up front, soft lime-greenwall in back with watercolor paintings.  Lots of chairs and single-seat sofas plus a large sofa facing center stage, and cup holders for yer coffee (a supple, smooth chai in my case). I was positioned stage left with no view of the drumset for Meghan but otherwise a good comfy snigle seat.
Marybeth and I  chatted earlier in the musty basement that serves as the green room.  She’d want you to believe that she’s more of a pure journalist and writer or even ‘a dork’ (her words), than just a songwriter. Indeed, she works as a business journalist when she’s not focused on the craft of songwriting and performing.   Her music appears to touch upon the darkness within her life, along with parts of the dark sides in others. One outward subject she mentioned on stage was re  Kenny Richey, who was wrongfully convicted in 1986 for various felonies. The case was made an example of by Amnesty International.  Her songs are delivered with a minmum of anger, emotion and dash. preferring to let her stories deliver the messages.  She remarked feeling compelled to mention when she was to sing a ‘happy’ song.  She likened one song “Don’t Look Back” with an insistent three-chord groove all throughout, to “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, a classic rock staple by Blue Oyster Cult. Marybeth’s song style closely resembles that of another local indie songwriter, Sharon Goldman, differing in tone and mood for the most part.
The audience was very attentive hearing Marybeth; they’d become exuberant seeing Meghan Cary. It seems she brought a good deal of family and friends.  I found myself seated nearby her sister and a few young ones (who appeared to be hopped up on whatever was brewing). Meghan herself is also exuberant and rather down-to-earth, both on stage and off.  Her bandmates who perform with her in NYC, provided great chemistry, especially with her beau and multi-instrumentalist Peter Farrelll.  Pete was mainly on standard piano keyboard and a Hammond B3, and assisted with acoustic on one song.  Along with Meghan’s new CD “Building This House”, she brought some homemade red ‘house wine”, claiming that she doesn’t drink, but quickly sipping on one bottle (during the set she had a clear water bottle firmly attached to her mic stand). Like yours truly, she was based in NYC for a number of years, and now calls the Philly metro area home. The running joke of the night was her adhering to a set list, while her band seemed to have different songs in mind. Her band this evening included Jocko MacNelly on bass, and Quint Lange on drums. During the show she mentioned that 50% of sales of the new CD would go to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  Her motivation in supporting this chartiy is the anniversary of the death of her former bassist’s wife Lori Meli. Lori’s story in part is told here 
More photos are in the latest Facebook gallery

2 responses to “@ Milkboy Coffee 2/25/12

  1. Hey Dan!

    So great to meet you Saturday night. Thanks for sharing such fun photos and insights on the night. We had a great time playing our first show at the very comfy Milkboy…and we raised some decent bucks for Living Beyond Breast Cancer! Hope to see you again, Dan, somewhere along the road!


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