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Radio Crystal Blue/RCB Novus Ordo for end of July 2016

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Listen to samples of each song I have aired in this week’s show via Clammr:
Shows are currently on a biweekly schedule, through mid-August
This show was published 7/15/16
Mary Beth Cross “Threshing Time” – Feels Like Home EP http://www.marybethcross.com @mary_cross
Marit Larsen “Running Out Of Road” – Joni Was Right EP http://www.maritlarsen.com @larsenmarit
Laini & The Wildfire “To Have A Home” – s/t EP http://www.lainiandthewildfire.com @laini_wildfire
Fire In The Field “These Hills” – Look So Strange EP http://www.fireinthefield.com @fireinthefield
Mikayla Griffin “Shooting Arrows At The Moon” – Shooting Arrows At The Moon CD http://www.mikaylagriffin.com
Rob Heath “Lone Coyote” – The Key CD http://www.robheath.com
Julie Parisi Kirby “Everything You See” – In Her Dream CD http://www.julieparisikirby.com
Richard Paul Thomas “I Can’t Wait” – Salado CD http://www.richardpaulthomas.com
Running time:  53 minutos
All content is free to listen and share via Creative Commons License version
4.0, non-derivative, non-commercial, full attribution. More info:
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Here’s RCB proper:
Radio Crystal Blue, in its 16th year, is a weekly podcast that features top
songwriters and bands, indie, underground, and touring, in a freeform
Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/RCBlive073016New2
Chirbit:  http://chirb.it/cMwcJ1
Shows are currently on a biweekly schedule, through mid-August
Most artists in this particular program are sharing billing at different festivals, namely Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and the Huntington (NY) Summer Arts Festival.
Opening music:
The Orb “UF Orb” – UF Orb CD
The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams “Very Happy Now” – A Box Of Everything CD http://www.slambovia.com  @slambovia
Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes “We Can’t Go Home Again” – Welcoming The Flood CD http://www.scottwolfson.com @SWOtherHeroes
Professor Louie & The Crowmatix “Ashton” – Music From Hurley Mountain CD http://www.thecrowmatix.com @ProfessorLouie1
Brother Sun “The Source Of The Sun” – Weights & Wings CD http://www.brothersunmusic.com @BrotherSunNews
Heather Maloney “Dandelion” – Making Me Break CD http://www.heathermaloney.com @heathermaloney_
Ben Bedford “Scioto” – The Pilot & The Flying Machine CD http://www.benbedford.com @
Aztec Two Step “Rabbit In The Moon” – Cause & Effect CD http://www.aztectwostep.com
Cosy Sheridan “Eurydice Goodnight” – Sometimes I Feel Too Much CD http://www.cosysheridan.com
Liz Longley “You’ve Got That Way” – s/t CD http://www.lizlongley.com @lizlongley
Katie Garibaldi “I Am” – Rooted Clarity CD http://www.katiegaribaldi.com @katiegaribaldi
Elisa Peimer “Good Song” – Inside The Glass CD http://www.elisapeimer.com @elisapeimer
Roger Silverberg “My Number One” – The Old Dog CD http://www.rogersilverberg.com
Brooks Williams “My Turn Now” –  My Turn Now CD http://www.brookswilliams.com @BrooksRedGuitar
Marina V “Run” – Inner Superhero CD http://www.marinav.com @marinav
Jeff Campbell “Fill The Spaces” – The Kitchen Sink CD http://www.jeffcampbellmusic.com @JeffCampbellSF
The Kurt Henry Band “On A Summer Tide” – From Our Religions We’ll Be Free! CD http://www.kurthenry.com
Stubborn Son “Thick As Blood” – Birthright CD http://www.stubbornmusic.com @StubbornSon
Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugardaddys “You Make Me Do Things” – Deep Ellum CD http://www.missmarcy.com
Sirsy “Tourist” – Sketches & Ghosts EP http://www.sirsy.com @sirsy
Foreign Figures “Stay” – Paradigm CD http://www.foreignfigures.com @4infigures
Peter Mulvey “You Don’t Have To Tell Me” – Silver Ladder CD http://www.petermulvey.com @PeterMulvey43
Patty Larkin “It Could Be Worse” – Still Green CD http://www.pattylarkin.com @PattyLarkin
Olivia Frances “Rushin’ To Nowhere” – Back To Happiness CD http://www.oliviafrancesmusic.com @ofrancesmusic
Hungrytown “Sometime” – Further West CD http://www.hungrytown.net @hungrytown
SONiA-Disappear Fear “L Kol L Vavcha (With All My Heart)” – Live At Maximal promo EP http://www.soniadisappearfear.com @disappearfear
Vance Gilbert “Dindi” – Nearness Of You CD http://www.vancegilbert.com @vancegilbert
Slaid Cleaves “Rust Belt Fields” – Still Fighting The War CD http://www.slaidcleaves.com @slaidc
Susan Kane “Jacksonville” – Mostly Fine CD http://www.susankane.com @SusanLKane
Judy Kass “Same Sorry Old Timeless Tale” Beyond The Ash And Steel CD http://www.judykass.com
Dan & Faith “Driving With Friends” – Seeking CD http://www.danandfaith.com @danandfaith
Lara Herscovitch “Wonder Wheel” – Misfit CD http://www.laraherscovitch.com @laraherscovitch
Kirsten Maxwell “Driftwood” – Crimson CD http://www.kirstenmaxwell.com @Kmaxwellmusic
Jacob Johnson “She’s Got A Way” – One Take Jake CD http://www.jacobjohnsontunes.com
Elaine Romanelli “25” – The Hour Before CD http://www.elaineromanelli.com @ElaineRom
Closing music: DJ Flowerdove “Sol Aurora”
Running time: 208 minutes
Atmosphere: easily breezily
Recorded in stereo to 128 kbps bitrate, 44.1 Hz in mp3 format, using
Audacity, converted to 96 kbps.
Radio Crystal Blue proudly endorses Teeccino, America’s #1 coffee
All content is free to listen and share via Creative Commons License version
4.0, non-derivative, non-commercial, full attribution. More info:
EMAIL: dan@radiocrystalblue.net
PHONE: 215-995-2234 or 253-537-1096
Facebook: Dan Herman & Radio Crystal Blue
Twitter: @radiocblue