Official fan page on Facebook:
email: cblue456 at comcast dot net
Twitter: @ radiocblue
Reverbnation: (for email list sign up):

NEW mailing address:
121 129th Street South, #8
Tacoma Washington 98444


Artists may add my email address to their general email list. Not local, not regional. I determine airplay to a degree based on who is performing where/when and also when gigs are announced.

If you are submitting music to me for airplay:
Material must be in CD format and must have been released no earlier than 2014. The newer, the better.
Digital submissions are fine ONLY if music was released only in that format.
You may alternatively search for Radio Crystal Blue on these sites to send an EPK

3 responses to “Contact

  1. Hello, My Name is Jason Lowery, I go by the name J.L I would like to submit my music for airplay if possible. I have been in a Hip-Hop group for 10 years and just went solo about a Year ago and Have been working on putting a Live band together to perform Live, Which I am having a hard time doing down in Middle Ga, being Pop & Hip-Hop. But If I could submit some music for Airplay that would be awesome, My Album that I am about to Release Can be Heard at Reverbnation, and a Couple tracks on my site as Well. But I am looking to push the song: FAMOUS as my first single and Song 2: Runnin’ Thru Me It just depends on what the station really wants. I call my album “A Little Everything” because it has a little everything on it, I have found that I have gotten Fans of all ages that like what they HEAR. SO PLEASE TAKE a Listen and Hopefully I can Submit some music to your station. Tanks and Hope to Hear back from you soon

    Jason Lowery (478) 538-9255

  2. Tunes guys. Let me know if you can play a Tenderhooks song on RCB. Cheers Markus

  3. Band Name = Afterthem
    Genre = Electro Grunge
    Jen Case = Vocals
    Windy Jones = Bass
    D.George = Keyboards
    Richard Johnson = Drums
    Joe Positive = Guitars

    Our songs can be downloaded for free at

    or if you like , we can send mp3s

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